Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I had a great run during my 5 miles

I ran 5 miles again, leaving home about 4 pm. The temperature was in the high 30s (F), with lots of sun and clouds in the sky. All of the snow from the storm on Monday evening that was on the Parkway path is gone, although the snow off the path is still on the ground.

I still had about a mile and a half left to do when the sun went down, and the temperature began to quickly drop. The temperature when I got home was in the low 30s or maybe the high 20s. I've temporarily moved my outdoor thermometer into my basement to see if the water pipes might be subjected to freezing temps, so I don't have an exact temperature for outside (the low last night was 14 when I moved the thermometer, but the temperature in my basement was 51 in the early morning and 53 during the day).

I had a great run. I felt strong and ran faster for a mile and a half before I slowed to my normal pace. One good sign is that I'm getting used to the distance, and the 5 miles doesn't seem as long as it used to. My runs are starting to feel more like they did before my blood clots two years ago. During my run I used a ratio of 119 left-foot-steps while running and 66 lfs walking.

I passed a guy fishing in the river. I asked about his fishing, and he said, "It's terrible!" I replied, "Well, you're having fun anyway." He didn't respond to my comment.


  1. You are an inspiration! I was training for an Ironman last year landed myself in the hospital with blood clots in my calf to my upper thigh. My femoral vein was 100% blocked and is now still 70% blocked. Learning to run again has been quite a process. I really have to listen to myself. I am up to 6 miles now and hope to run a half marathon soon. Most blogs are negative and people give up on running. It was refreshing to find your site. Thanks!! I look forward to reading more!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for your kind words. I have a lot of respect for triathlon persons.
    Running a marathon is a significant achievement, but swimming and biking first and then a marathon just boggles my mind! Good luck with your training.

    Excuse me for going commercial for a moment, but blocked veins are a personal thing with me :)

    As a suggestion, consider a product called L-arginine Plus ( The product is based on research that resulted in a Nobel prize in (I think) 1998. It has a good track record for cleaning out veins. I get it at a local health food store. It is also available from the web site.