Thursday, February 17, 2011

A nice 5.5 mile run

We had a lot of wind yesterday (20 mph gusts) and an inch of snow during the night, but today has been a nice day: low 40s (F), a gentle breeze, and clouds and some sunshine. The Parkway path and roads are clear of snow, and most of the snow on lawns and in bushes has melted. I added 0.5 miles to my run, doing 122 left-foot-steps running and 66 lfs walking. I did take short rest stops three times, but I could have omitted them if I'd had to. The 122 lfs is close to 1/10 mile.


  1. Just found your blog! Great run. It sounds like it was perfect running weather!! I'm wating for some of that where I live!

  2. Hi wanaberunnergrl,

    Yes, yesterday was a great running day! Utah is heading into Spring, and we'll have a lot of "perfect" running days before the heat of summer.

  3. We finally got a break from the frigid weather here in New Jersey, 60 Degrees today! Its wonderful when the weather is perfect for running!

  4. Yes, you've really had a tough winter!
    Reminds me of the blizzard of 1978 (or was it 1979) when we had four feet of snow in Massachusetts.