Saturday, February 26, 2011

Through rain, sleet, or snow, the runners will go

Today was my day for snow. I ran 5.5 miles, using the same route I used on Wednesday. There was a light snow falling during most of my run. The temperature was 34 (F) when I left home and 30 when I returned. I forgot my gloves, and even though I kept my hands in the pockets of my nylon jacket, my fingers were so cold that when I finished the run, I had a hard time pressing the "open" button on my car remote. I finally got the door open and started the car, using my hands not my fingers to turn the key and start the motor. While the car was warming up, I nibbled on an energy bar. I arrived home about 15 minutes before darkness.

I ran 126 left-foot-steps and walked 66 lfs for about 3 miles, and then I switched to 66 lfs running and 50 lfs walking. I only saw two people on the path, a walker with two big dogs and a cyclist. The path was bare but wet and the running was good. We had about 3 inches of snow during the night, and the light snow during the day.

I wore the iZUMi long sleeved T-shirt instead of my long sleeved cotton T-shirt. I was curious to see how warm the iZUMi shirt was. The shirt seemed to do OK, and my body, legs, and feet were fine; only my fingers were cold. My Saucony shoes handled the wet asphalt OK. All in all, it was a nice run and a nice day for running.

The Jordan River is still high. This is the highest I've ever seen the river.

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