Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Utah isn't so cold after all

Last night the temperature outside my house hit a low of 1 (F), and the temperature right now is in the mid 20s. My wife and I are sitting in our warm house thinking it is too cold to do anything outside. However, we're fortunate to not be living in the mid-west. The poor folks in Chicago and that area are really having cold weather: below zero at night, teens in the day, and two feet or more of snow everywhere. I lived in Massachusetts for 17 years and experienced a lot of Chicago-like weather, especially during the mini-ice-age of the 1970s and 1980s. I think we're having it pretty good right now in Utah. Yes, it is cold, but we have no snow in the valley where people live. Those who ski, though, are having a great time 20 miles from here in the ski resorts. During the hot summer I think it would be great to live in Park City. But, right now, I'm glad to be lower down in the Salt Lake valley (our elevation is 4400 feet compared to 7500 feet in Park City).

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