Saturday, March 5, 2011

6 more miles of running and walking

You do 16 runs and what do you get
Another day older and stronger, you bet
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I'm doing my next run even tho I'm slow.

Speaking of being slow, during my run today I passed a lady and her two dogs (she was going north and I was going south). About a quarter mile later I turned around and headed north. I passed the lady while she was stopped so she could talk on her cell phone. I completed that running-segment and started walking. Guess what? She passed me. As soon as I started running again, I passed her. I am a slow walker because I'm resting during my walks, and it's common for walkers to pass me while I'm walking.

I ran for 129 left-foot-steps and walked for 16 lfs. I stopped twice to rest for a minute, after 3 1/4 miles and again after 5 1/4 miles. The temperature during my late-afternoon run was in the low 50s, (F) and it was a great running day. I started with 2 layers of clothing but took my nylon jacket off during the middle of the run and then put it back on towards the end of the run. I wore a long sleeved cotton T-shirt under the jacket, and just the T was about right for the middle of the run. Today I ran back and forth north of 106th South instead of south of 106th South like I did earlier in the week.

Even though I've been sleeping well, my wakeup heart rate is around 60-62. I don't know why it's high, but it does indicate my body is tired. I guess increasing my distance, even though it's less than 5% average increase per week, is having more impact on my body than I realized.

The tunnel under 106th South is still flooded, although the sump pump in that tunnel is working 24/7. We're scheduled to have some rain this evening, and that may help keep the tunnel flooded for a while. The water in the tunnel looks like it is 6 inches deep or so, and it will likely be several weeks before the water in the tunnel is gone.

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