Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did 6 miles again but not quite like I'd hoped

When I left home to run, I was hoping I'd be able to repeat my success of Monday to run at least 1.5 miles without stopping. However, after 0.25 miles I knew I had to walk a bit. There was a 10-15 mph head wind, and that helped sap my energy. I walked for about a minute and then ran for about 0.15 miles and had to walk again. I switched to running 230 left-foot-steps and walking 66 lfs and did that for about three miles. I then switched to running 66 lfs and walking 50 lfs and completed the six miles. I did take several short sitting breaks on the way back.

I'm not surprised that I couldn't repeat my running of 1.5 miles. Running 1.5 miles with no walking is a big increase in stress from the alternating of running and walking that I have been doing. Our bodies don't handle big increases in stress very well.

I think that I would like to increase the amount of running that I'm doing, but I don't want to do it in one big jump like I did on Monday. I've been adding 1 lfs each time I run, but I think I'll try adding 2 lfs each time I run and keep the walking the same (66 lfs).

The temperature today was in the mid 60s (F). Just three days ago the daytime temperature was in the mid 30s and we had 5 inches of snow at night. Today, all of the snow on the ground is melted. I just hope the snow pack in the mountains doesn't melt fast. If it does, we'll likely have floods.

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