Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did another 6.5 miles

I was happy when I measured my wakeup heart rate this morning, because it was down to 56. It has been above 60 for a month. I've been trying to get sufficient sleep and to not eat late at night, and my body finally is recovering from the stress that caused my WHR to be high.

I felt pretty good during the run. I ran/walked/ran 136 left-foot-steps running and 66 lfs walking. I didn't stop to rest and kept that ratio of running and walking for the whole distance. I did start to get tired during the last mile or so, but I was able to keep running for the 136 lfs, which is about 90 seconds.

The temperature was in the high 50s during my run, but there was a 10 mph wind blowing and the sky was cloudy (it has been raining during the evening, and just moments ago the rain turned to wet snow. Before I left for my run, I looked at the temperature and decided it was a good day for shorts. So, that and my new Pearl iSUMi T-shirt and my wind breaker is what I wore. As soon as I started running, I knew I had made a mistake -- I should have worn long pants an an extra layer over my core. I was cold. However, after about two miles, my body warmed up and I felt fine during the rest of the run (not warm, just fine, meaning just a little bit cold). When a person starts running, his or her body diverts warm blood into the core of the body where the critical internal organs are, and the person's arms and legs get cold. However, after the core is warm, blood is sent to the arms and legs and they get warmer. For me, this process takes about two miles.

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