Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Extended my mid-week run to 6.5 miles

I ran 6.5 miles on the Jordan River Parkway today. I started and ended at the parking lot at 100th South in South Jordan City. I went south into Draper and then returned to the parking lot. The air temperature was in the high 50s (F) when I started and was 50 when I ended. For the first 1.5 miles (approximately), there was a 10-15 mph head wind. Then, the wind changed direction and was a tail wind until I turned around and then was a head wind for most of the return. With about a mile to go, the wind stopped and it started to sprinkle. During the last 1/4 mile, the rain got quite heavy. I wasn't dressed for rain (I wore running shorts, a long sleeved cotton T-shirt, and my wide-brimmed hat), and I was glad to be almost finished when the rain got heavier. In fact, at about the time the wind changed direction, low clouds had covered the Wasatch mountains on the east side of the valley, and I thought a heavy rain would soon appear. However, about a mile later I noticed the low clouds were gone, and I could see the mountains again.

For the first couple of miles, I ran/walked/ran 134 left-foot-steps running and 64 lfs walking. Then, for a couple of miles, I ran 90 lfs and walked 64 lfs. Then for the next mile I ran 134 lfs and walked 66 lfs. With a mile and a quarter to go, a woman runner passed me. She then slowed down and ran with me the mile to the parking lot at 100th South. We visited about various running things. Then, at the parking lot, she headed west to her house and I ran the last quarter mile to finish my run, ending up at the parking lot again. I hope she made it home before the heavy rain started.

My wakeup heart rate was 59 this morning. It has been 60-62 for the past two or three weeks. I don't know why it is high. A lack of sleep is a common reason for my wakeup heart rate to be high, but I've been getting good sleep most of the recent nights. My normal wakeup heart rate is 50-53.

During the second mile, I picked up several pieces of litter, probably consuming a minute for that "duty" of a good citizen. If you zoom in on the graph of my run (as explained in the next paragraph), you'll see several blips to the left or right of the path when I left the path to get litter.

Here is a graph of my run today. The data for the map was collected by my new Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS and was uploaded to my free account at the Garmin Connect web site. If your mouse has a wheel, you can use the wheel to zoom in for a closer view of the map; if no wheel, use the +- in the upper left part of the graphic. If you zoom in and look at 106th South (Jordan River Parkway), you'll see the detour I had to make due to the tunnel under the street being flooded. If you stay zoomed in and look at 114th South, you'll see where I crossed the river on a new Parkway-path bridge and continued my run in the city of Draper. In the lower right corner of the graph, you'll see a View Details button that you can click to get of gory details about my run.

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