Saturday, March 5, 2011

A lot has happened during the past two years

Two years ago yesterday, as I recovered from serious blood clots, my legs were bandaged like a mummy to help get rid of the 38 pounds that I gained from the clots, I was wearing full-leg compression stockings, and I was walking 0.65 miles and running no miles. Today I'm rid of the bandages, rid of the compression stockings, I've lost 28 pounds of weight, and I'm running not quite a minute and a half and walking a minute for a total distance of 6 miles twice a week and 5 miles once a week. Yes, a lot has happened during the past two years.

We all have our trials that we go through. During the trials we think they will never end, but once they're over we realize they weren't so bad after all. Trials in life are part of being human and are actually good for us, because, if we endure them, they help us gain strength and be better people. Of course, if we don't endure and give up, our trials can sink us (actually we sink ourselves).

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  1. Kipawa3/05/2011

    Keep on rockin', Allen. You're an inspiration.