Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Devil chuckled in Hell

Most Utah storms occur when the sky is completely overcast. However, once in a while a rain-cloud won't cover the whole sky, and rain will fall when the sun is also shining. When I was a kid and we saw both rain and sunshine, we said the devil was laughing in Hell. That happened today during my run, although the rain didn't last very long -- I guess the devil was just chuckling.

When I started my run by going north from 100th South, there was a nice tailwind of 10-15 mph. It was nice having that wind push me. However, as soon as I turned around and headed south, the wind was a headwind, and I slowed down a bit to conserve my energy. Rain and later snow were forecast, and I wore my long pants. I felt comfortable with the headwind, but I was a bit too warm with the tailwind.

On the way back, the sky got darker and a few sprinkles came down. I finished my run (5.25 miles), got in my car and headed home. I had driven about 1/4 mile when it started hailing pea-size pellets. The ground was white when I got home. A couple of minutes after I got into the house, the hail turned to rain. I'm glad I wasn't caught in the storm. The temperature wasn't particularly cold, and the hail would have been mostly just a mess for running.

My wakeup heart rate was 57. It has been 57 for the past several days. I felt pretty good during the run, and to cap it all off, I found a golf ball. I'm saving the balls to give to my grandson, Erik, so he can sell them. The Parkway path goes past two golf courses, and I usually find 6 or 7 balls during the golfing season.

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  1. Anonymous4/08/2011

    I am following your blog since few month. It is a source of inspiration and joy.
    I am 49, running since 46, and I do hope to become older and wise as you: running injury free!
    keep going man!