Monday, April 25, 2011

An enjoyable but wet weekly training run

I ran my 5-mile training run in the late afternoon. There was a slight drizzle during most of the run and a heavier run during some of the run. I parked at the East Pavilion In South Jordan and ran north to look at the tunnel under 10600 South (still flooded and more water in it than last Saturday). I then ran South into Draper City and then ran back to the East Pavilion.

Quite a few trees have been planted along some pastures in Draper. With the warmer weather we've been having, these trees have taken off, and the trees have a lot of new leaves. The trees are in the open and get a lot of sun. The trees that were planted north of 10000 South have new leaves but not nearly as many leaves as the trees further south in Draper. These trees have more shade during the afternoon.

I saw two large, white Pelicans in the lower fishing pond in South Jordan. A year ago there were two Pelicans that hung around for a couple of weeks in the Spring. It's nice to see them back again (of course, these might not be the same ones that were here a year ago). The following picture is from the web.

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