Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I had a wonderful 5-mile rest run

I ran my weekly 5-mile rest run. The tunnel under 106th South was full of water again, and I ran back and forth north of 106th South to get in my 5 miles. The temperature was in the high 50s, the sun was shinning, and I enjoyed being outside. I planned to do some shopping after my run, and I wore my long running pants and my wind breaker. I walked for a few minutes and chatted with a walker. He said I looked like I was thin. I thought that was interesting, because I'm about 10 pounds heaver than I was before my blood clots two years ago. I guess I looked thin to him.

Even though we're still having rain and some snow, we're past the really cold temperatures, and I'm enjoying my running more than I did in the winter. Spring and Fall are the times I try to improve my running. Summer and Winter are the times I reduce my attempts at improvements and just run to survive. I used to really enjoy the extremes of weather, but I'm finding as I get older that I don't enjoy the extremes as much as I used to.

I've been using my Saucony shoes, and I now have 100 miles on those shoes. I've updated my review of the Saucony shoes to reflect my opinion of them after 100 miles. Starting with my next run, I'll be using my Pearl iSUMi shoes for a few months.

I saw two quail running across the path. In a month from now, the quail will have babies following them.

I found 4 golf balls and added them to the 2 that I have at home. I'm hoping to give them to my grandson, Erik, although I haven't offered them to him yet. If he wants to, he can sell them to his neighbors who golf.

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