Saturday, April 2, 2011

A nice end to a good week of running

My wakeup heart rate was 54, the lowest value I've had in a while. I've been getting 7 hours sleep (my normal amount) each night for over a month, and that sleep is showing itself in the form of a lower wakeup heart rate. The temperature when I left (about 8 am) was in the high 50s (F) and in the low 60s when I returned two hours later. There were a lot of people on the Parkway path during my run. I passed three girls who were walking the opposite direction, and one of them said, "Hello Uncle Allen". I stopped and looked back at them but didn't recognize them (rear view). My wife has a couple of nieces who live in the south end of the Salt Lake valley, and the girl who said hello was probably one of those nieces.

I enjoyed the run. I completed 5 miles and felt pretty good during most of the run but did get tired during the last mile and a half. I'm still catching myself mentally counting steps, although the counting is mostly during the first part of a phase. I noticed that the beeping of my timer sounds like birds chirping in the nearby trees. I'm glad the timer beeps twice, and the second beep helps me recognize that the beeping is not from birds.

In order to set the record straight, I thought I'd mention that all of my April Fools post is true except for the last paragraph. What really happened during my checkup on March 31 was that no skin cancers that need to be biopsied were found, and about 4 or 5 pre-cancers were frozen. The dermatologist said that visit was one of the best checkups that I've had in quite a while. I'm grateful that all of my skin cancers have been Basal Cells.

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