Thursday, April 7, 2011

The water is gone from the tunnel under 106th South

The tunnel under 106th South has been flooded for several weeks, due to the high water in the Jordan River. When I reached the tunnel this afternoon, I saw three South Jordan City employees working on the pump that is supposed to remove water from the tunnel. They were apparently having success, because most of the water in the tunnel was gone. Instead of turning around as I had planned, I continued going south for another 0.75 miles. On the way back, I stopped to talk with one of the workmen. He said the pump that was trying to keep the tunnel dry was too small, and they had temporarily installed another pump to assist the original pump. He said the two pumps were able to keep the water out of the tunnel, and they will, if they can find a pump of the right size, replace the existing pump with a larger pump that will be able to handle the water in the tunnel. I hope they are successful.

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