Friday, May 20, 2011

Ran 6 miles but legs tired

Today was a pretty good run, because my body felt strong. My legs, however, were tired. I took several brief rest stops, but I was able to maintain my alternation of 1 minute running and 1 minute of walking. The air temperature was in the 50s (F), and the sky was cloudy with patches of sunshine here and there. The forecast is for sunshine and no rain for several days.

For the first time this Spring, I encountered water under the new tunnel at 11400 South. This means the river has risen several inches since Monday. The water on the path wasn't very deep, and I walked through the water. I didn't feel water on my toes, so the depth was probably about an inch.

I saw two Pelicans on the lower fishing pond in South Jordan when I passed the pond on my way south. I also saw two Pelicans flying over the upper fishing pond. I've also seen quite a few red-winged black birds along the river, both north of 10000 South and south of 10600 South. On Monday I saw several Quail running along the path, but I didn't see any babies. This is the time of year that the Quail should have younguns following them. Today I saw several families of ducks. One family only had four ducklings, but the other families each had 8 or 9 ducklings. The high river means a lot of the land next to the river is flooded, and that makes nice places for the ducklings. I stopped to watch one family of ducks. The mother and the ducklings started to swim towards the fast current in the middle of the river. I wondered if the ducklings would be able to swim against the fast current. However, the mother and her ducklings swerved away from the center of the river and went to an "island" of grass sticking out of the water. That grass was about 20 feet from the shore, but the water wasn't moving very fast through the grass.


  1. Anonymous5/25/2011

    Allen. I would like to ask you a question good sir. What is your email address?

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