Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ran 6.3 miles south of 10600 South

This run will eventually be my mid-run of 7 miles. Today, though, I did another 6.3 miles. The air temperature was in the low 70s, and except for a headwind of about 10 mph when going south, it was a nice day. I tried not to push myself when going south. I didn't want to tire myself by fighting the wind.

I forgot my GPS, but that is OK, because I know the route to get 6.3 miles. I also forgot my 2-cycle timer that I use to tell me when I should switch from running to walking and vice versa. Instead of counting steps, I just let my body tell me when it needed a change in pace. In the beginning, I ran longer and walked shorter than I've been doing, but as the run progressed and I became tired, I reduced my running and increased my walking. I walked the last 1/8 mile and was glad when I climbed into my car.

While I was on the Draper City side of the river and was going south, I saw three Pelicans flying over my head. They were low, and I could see their big beaks and the black on their wing tips. A woman walker who passed me while I was stopped and was watching the Pelicans said a fourth Pelican was following the three, but I never saw it. They are a beautiful bird.

Due to the high water in the river, the bushes, trees, and grass on the edge of the river are surrounded by water, and I was thinking that if I were a female duck, that is where I would want to raise my ducklings. Lots of water that isn't moving very fast. Lots of plants. A great neighborhood for families of new ducklings. In fact, on my run last Saturday, I saw two families of ducklings in that area.


  1. You're still at it then Allen, churning out the miles? Good on yer, let's keep flying the flag for as long as we can to show all the other oldies what it's possible to achieve if only we get off our butts.

  2. Yep, we're only as old as we think we are.