Monday, May 9, 2011

Rest on Sunday gives a good run on Monday

I ran my 5-mile rest run and had a good run. At the end of the 5 miles, I was beginning to get tired. This is in contrast to my run on Saturday when at the end of 1 mile, I felt worse than I felt today. My wakeup heart rate was 58. I only had 6 hours sleep last night, but later today, after my run, I had a good 1-hour nap. There was a slight rain during my run. After I got home, I changed into dry clothes, and I hope I won't have a cold like I did last week when I didn't change into dry clothes.

On the way home I bought a spray can of Silicone, and tomorrow I will spray my rain jacket, pants, hat, and shoes. The rain is predicted to remain until Wednesday afternoon, so I will have a good opportunity to test the Silicone spray in a rain storm. I've used the spray in the past, and it does a good job of keeping moisture from leaking through my clothes.

The river is a few inches higher than it was a month ago. According to the forecasters, the water in the creeks and river is just from the low-level snow melting and from rain storms. The snow in the high mountains is still to melt, so our danger of floods will continue for another month. When I run the north-bound segment of the Parkway, I measure the height of the water in the Jordan River by how much a particular stick is out of the water. The stick is almost buried, and there is only an inch or two of the stick showing. The river at that point is quite wide, and the extra width of the river helps keep the height of the water down. This morning I was watching a news report of the flooding in Memphis, and I feel really sorry for those folks. Our flooding will be nothing compared to the floods on the Mississippi River.

During my run I saw several red-winged black birds and a couple of quail. The air temperature was in the low 40s (F), and I guess the feathers keep the birds warm. I also saw two whitish birds, with a long wing span, fly over making a strange squawk. I didn't get a good look at them, and I don't know what they are. I've never heard a squawk like that before.

There is more water in the tunnel under 106th South. There have been two pumps trying to keep the water out of the tunnel, but one of the pumps isn't working. I used the South Jordan City website to report the problem. Some of the water has been in the tunnel for about two months, and there is green algae growing in the water.


  1. It's pretty rare to see old people blog. All I could say is
    "Run Forrest!!!". You remind me one thing I like about taking a jog--I get to see interesting stuff. Well keep running pops hope you'll live over 100!!!

  2. Well, perfit, I'm not old until I reach 100. Then I'll be old :) In the meantime I have to go outside and tune up my rototiller so I can til my garden tomorrow.

  3. old geezer's got pride!!! Or shall I say young geezer? Careful not to break thy back pops or to break the rototiller for that matter.

  4. I really appreciate your blog. I've been running since recovering from cancer last year. As an older runner, I am grateful for your insights and enthusiasm for the sport. Thanks.