Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dogs and kids know what to do when walking or running

On my way down to the 12300 Bridge, I came to the 11400 South bridge and stopped running while I walked around the water that was covering the path (more water there than last week).  I saw two ladies walking their dogs, and the ladies thought they would walk through the water. However, they realized the water was deeper than they had thought, and they turned back. However, the dogs had something different in mind.

One lady had a big dog, and that dog sat down in the water and wouldn't move. The lady stood there trying to get the dog to move, but the dog stayed put. The other lady had two small dogs, and she stopped to wait until her friend got the big dog to get up and walk out of the water. The two small dogs were happy with the water, and they started to drink from the river. When I got around the water and continued my run/walk, the dogs were still in the water. However, when I returned to the 11400 South bridge on my way back, the dogs were gone.

On my return visit to the 11400 South bridge, I saw a lady and two children on bicycles. The kids (ages about 7 and 10 years old) rode their bikes through the water, giggling as the water splashed on their feet. After they exited the water, they stopped and rode back though the water. I watched them while they made four or five trips through the water. I told the mother about the two dogs I had seen on my first visit to the bridge, and I remarked that both dogs and children know what is best on a hot day! When I resumed my run back to my car, the kids were still riding through the water.

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  1. These are the kind of things that adulthood takes away from our lives, happily we could enjoy our sons do the same things, if we're lucky of course.