Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A great mid-sized run of 5.1 miles

I ran my normal route that begins at the East Pavilion in South Jordan and turns around at the bridge under 12300 South in Draper. I had a good energy level, and I enjoyed the run.

Due to a storm front that was moving through north Salt Lake City, the sky was overcast, and I appreciated not having the direct sun and not drinking quite as much water. I did have a head wind of about 20 mph, but I slowed down and didn't have much problem with the wind. I was looking forward to the return phase so the wind would be a tail wind. However, as often happens, the wind mostly died down during my return. There was a tail wind of about 3 mph for most of the return. There were a couple of rain showers of about a minute each. Not heavy rains, just sprinkles.

I am continuing to practice bending my knees more. I'm a natural shuffler, and I often hear my shoes scrape the ground as I run. I'm using that sound to tell me that I'm not bending my knees enough. During today's run, I only heard the sound a couple of times of 2 or 3 seconds each.

There is a particular rock at the north edge of the bridge at 12300 South that I use to gauge the height of the water in the river, and the river was about an half an inch lower than it was last Saturday. The river is supposed to peak sometime this week, The Snowbird ski resort is planning on having skiing through July 4, so there is still snow in the high Wasatch mountains that hasn't melted.

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