Saturday, June 11, 2011

I stretched myself a bit and ran a long run of 6.5 miles

I wasn't in great shape when I started my run. My wakeup heart rate was 60. I mowed most of my lawns last evening and finished them this morning. On Thursday, my wife and I moved (wheelbarrow) 2 yards of mulch from the front of our house to various places in the back yard. All of this means I was tired when I started to run about noontime today. The shade temperature was in the low-mid 70s (F), although the temperature with direct sun was probably in the low 90s. Unfortunately, most of the route I was using is in direct sun. There was no breeze on the way out, but on the way back there was a breeze of 5-7 mph. Even though the breeze made it harder to run, I was glad for it, because it helped cool me off. By the time I finished my run, the sky was clouding over, and that gave more shade during the last part of the run. I felt OK during most of the run, but I was getting tired by the time the run ended. I drank about 8 cups of water during the run. My Fuel Belt carries 5 cups, and I filled the cups at the Draper City playground on my way back. I take a swallow of water during each walking segment.

The Jordan River is still rising, because there was more water under the 11400 South bridge. However, there is still dry ground under the bridge, and I had no problem passing under the bridge.

I ran all 6.5 miles with more bend in my legs. I noticed that as long as I had better form by keeping my knees bent and lowering my hips by squatting a bit, I ran without much noise. A few years ago, I tried to run with a lighter touch and less noise, I referred to it as stealth running. However, I noticed then that when I was tired, my shoes made more noise, especially from the toes of my shoes hitting the ground. I noticed today that when I had good form, I ran with almost no noise, not even the scraping noise I've frequently had due to my shuffling, and no noise from my toes slapping the ground. Keeping my knees bent means my mid-foot and fore-foot of the shoes are already on the ground, and there is no tendency for my toes to slap the ground. Bent knees also make it difficult to do a heel-strike. I'm glad I read about keeping my knees bent, and that is turning out to be a significant improvement in my form and in my running.

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