Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ran a tired and shortened rest run of 1.5 miles

Yesterday was a real workout for me. I moved about 700 pounds of sand and Soil Pep off the shelves and onto a cart. I then pushed the cart around Home Depot and then to my car, and I moved the bags to my car and then from my car to our garden. The 700 pounds included two bags at 80# each and 6 bags at 50# each. We have a "recipe" that uses sand, Soil Pep, and gypsum that converts clay into loam. After unloading the car, I rototilled one of our gardens while my wife spread the "recipe" on a second garden. I then rototilled that garden. After finishing the rototilling, I mowed my lawns. When I was finished with the lawns, I was really tired. I felt much worse than I felt after completing a marathon (of course I'm 29 years older than I was when I ran marathons).

I had wanted to go running after finishing the yard work, but I was too tired for that. However, I felt better this morning, and I went running. After 1.5 miles, I could tell I was too tired to do more, and I went to my car and drove home.

We had beautiful weather today. No rain and lots of sun. The air temperature was in the high 70s (F). My next run will be on Saturday.

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