Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another HOT long run of 2 hours 20 minutes

My wakeup heart rate was 56, and I felt pretty good. I decided to run my long run instead of my medium run of 1 hour 40 minutes. I was late getting out, and I suffered through the hottest part of the day. I drank 6 cups of water, but my urine was quite dark when I returned home. Because of the heat, I ran slower than I did on Saturday of last week, resulting in my running about 1/2 mile less in distance for the same amount of time than I did on Saturday. That is the beauty of running for time instead of for distance. In the same amount of time, I may run more distance or less distance, depending on how I feel. This helps me avoid pushing myself to meet a goal even though I'm tired of a certain distance. I still have a temptation to push myself to do a certain number of minutes, but that is easier on my body than pushing to meet a distance-goal. I took a good rest at the Draper City recreation area about a quarter mile after my turn-around point, and I took a shorter rest when I reached the picnic tables near the East Pavilion.

I met a man named Harry who was painting a picture while enjoying the shade of one of the small picnic tables near the East Pavilion. He is two years younger than me and was raised in Southern Utah about 100 miles from the town I was raised in. We enjoyed talking with each other for a few minutes. He was still painting when I finished my run and returned to the East Pavilion, and I visited with him for a few minutes. The picture is of his son standing next to his motorcycle. It is a beautiful picture, and I think his son will enjoy getting it (he hasn't seen it yet). Harry said that several men who have motorcycles have asked him to paint their pictures with their motorcycles. Harry doesn't run, but he and his wife do mall-walking, and they do cycling together. His wife also does cycling without Harry, because she likes to go longer distances.

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