Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Had a great medium run of 100 minutes

Today was my first day to run by time instead of by distance. I ran for 100 minutes, going south from the East Pavilion in South Jordan (about 10800 South). My estimate of 50 minutes going south was right on, and I arrived at the turnaround point I've been using for my 5-mile route. However, I ran slightly faster going back and got a little more distance in my time-allotment.

I ran faster going back because it started to rain, and I was in a heavy rain for about 15 minutes.  The cloudy sky and rain drops cooled the air and made for nice running. On the way down, I drank three bottles (1 cup each) of water, but on the way back I only drank one bottle, and that water was before and after the rain. I heard some thunder during the storm, but it was up high in the clouds and south of me, and I wasn't worried about lightning. When I hear thunder and see lightning flashes that are close to me, I count seconds (5 seconds per mile), and if the thunder is less than 5 seconds behind the flash, I look for some place to take shelter.  If I were running in a residential neighborhood, I would go to a house and ask for permission to sit on their front porch until the storm passed. However, the Jordan River Parkway is away from houses and mostly in open fields, and I'm not sure where I would go if I had to take cover. I might end up laying flat on the ground so I wouldn't attract the lightning. During the rain storm, the wind, which was a tail wind, increased to 20-30 mph, and that helped me run faster. Before the story, the wind was about 10 mph. The rain drops were cold from being high in the sky, and I felt like I was in a cold shower during the storm. As soon as the rain stopped, the sky cleared, and the heat came back. When I got home, I took a hot shower and dressed in dry clothes. I've felt fine during the day.

On the way down, I passed two women who were walking. On the way back, I passed them again. One of them asked me what I was training for. I answered, "to stay alive". They laughed and apparently thought that was a good answer.

The Jordan River is lower than it has been for several weeks. There is one place in Draper City where, during the Spring, about half the path was covered with water. Then during June, the river increased its height, and all of the path at that place was covered with water -- about 2 inches deep. Today, however, only half of the path was covered. It looks like the river has peaked in its water content, and it should slowly decrease during the summer and early Fall.

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