Thursday, July 21, 2011

Had a great rest run

I ran my 1 hour rest run and felt great. My wakeup heart rate was 56, and I felt pretty good. I started the run at 11:05 am and ran north of the 10000 South parking lot. Because I felt good, my body naturally ran a bit faster, and I finished the "normal" route in 55 minutes. I ran an additional 5 minutes to complete the 1-hour time. I didn't push my body to run faster; it just did that because it was rested and full of energy.

The run was hot. There was no breeze, and there wasn't much shade on the path. However, I did enjoy the brief amounts of shade that were still there. I should have been out running earlier in the morning (there would have been a lot more shade) but I yielded to temptation and looked at my email and other things on the computer and started running about an hour later than I should have started.

When I end my run at the parking lot at 10000 South, I do my stretching after the run in a corrugated steel tunnel under 10000 South. The path through the tunnel is in the shade and there is almost always a breeze blowing through the tunnel. It's a nice place to stretch and finish my cool-down from my run.

The water level in the Jordan River is down a few inches. As I've mentioned before, there is a certain dead branch in the river that I use to gauge the height of the water. For the past 5-6 weeks, that stick has been covered with water, but this morning the branch was sticking an inch or so out of the water. The river is a couple hundred feet wide at that point, so that the 5 inches or so decrease in the level of the water represents a lot of water.

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