Monday, July 25, 2011

A super rest run today

My wakeup heart rate was 55, and I felt great when I got up. I was out earlier to miss the mid-day heat, and Mother Nature helped in that regard. The sky was cloudy and the temp was 80 (F). Not a great temperature for running but better than the mid 90s that I've been experiencing. As I ran I focused on bending my knees more, and I noticed that I ran faster than I've been running. My goal of 1 hour for my rest run, which has allowed me to run 3 miles in the past, allowed me this morning to run 3.3 miles, a 10% increase. As with my previous runs, I didn't intentionally run faster; my body just did that on its own. I'm glad I was out earlier, because the clouds broke up, and the mid-day temperature right now is 92.

And to top it all off, I found another golf ball. The path goes by a golf course, and all of the balls I've found were from drives that went way off the fairway and over the fence onto the Parkway. I found a golf ball last week on the Draper City side of the Jordan River. I was surprised to see the ball in the grass next to the path, because there are no golf courses nearby.

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