Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A great medium run

My wakeup heart rate was 56. I didn't get out until noon, so I ran in the heat, but I had a great run. I ran noticeably faster than I've been doing. I'm still alternating running and walking, 1 minute each. Eventually I'll start to increase that time. During my run, I felt fine and only took a rest break at the Draper City playground. I drank 5 bottles (cups) of water. There weren't many clouds in the sky and not much shade. So it was 100 minutes of sun. The sun-temperature was about 100 (F), and the shade temperature was about 90.

On my way down, when I was about half a mile from the Draper playground, a girl stopped me and asked if I had seen a cell phone on the path. I said, "no". She continued toward the playground asking each person if they had seen a cell phone.  Then, her companion saw the cell phone about 5 feet off the path. She was, of course, happy to have her phone back, and she and her friend continued their trek (on skate boards) toward South Jordan.

While I was stopped at the playground, a small girl, about 4 years old, tried to enter the restroom door. The door had a sign stating the restroom was closed for maintenance, but the girl was too young to read, and she kept trying the door. Her mother was talking on her cell phone and didn't notice the girl. After the mother stopped talking, she saw the girl, and she took her home.

The water level in the Jordan River is continuing to drop. I'm seeing sand bars in the river that were covered water during July. Of course, our potential flooding from the Jordan River is nothing compared to the flooding of the Mississippi River. But this is Utah, and what might be a relatively small flood elsewhere is a big deal here. And, if you're the property owner whose house is caught in a flood, it doesn't matter where you live.

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