Monday, August 29, 2011

A great rest run

I felt great when I woke up. I went to bed earlier than I've been doing, and I woke up at my "normal" time, resulting in about 8 hours of good sleep. I forgot to take my wakeup heart rate in my desire to go running earlier in the morning. Having quite a lot of shade on the path felt great!

I ran a bit faster on the way out but came back slower, although I ran a bit more than 3 miles during the 60 minutes. I ran slower on the way back, because I was getting tired. I remember, a few years ago, that I would run 5 miles in 55 minutes. Now, I run 3 miles in 60 minutes. Ah, the joys of my younger years.... I'm just glad to be alive. Since my days of running 5 miles in 55 minutes, I've had my only injury (a minor knee pain that didn't keep me from running) and blood clots that were a side-effect of an auto accident 5 years before. On Saturday, two days before the blood clots, I ran 7 miles to end a 22-mile week. On Monday, I could only walk 100 feet. Recovery from those clots has been very slow. The problem was that a filter that was put in my vein after the accident, ceased working after 5 years and blocked my blood flow. My body has had to create new veins around the filter, and that has taken time. However, I really can't complain. There are many people much worse off than me. I'm alive at age 76 (almost). I have good health. I have low blood pressure. I sleep well (when I get to bed earlier). My only prescription med is Warfarin. I'm running and walking 10-15 miles per week. I'm optimistic and look forward to each day. Life has been good to me, and I've been good to life.


  1. I love checking in on your blog. It is so good to get a boost of optimism. Thanks for writing about your runs.

  2. Thanks, Dad, for your optimism and for keeping good care of yourself.

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