Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trying to figure out why I was so tired and weak on Wednesday

I've been trying to figure out why I had to abort my run on Wednesday.

I've been sleeping well, so a lack of sleep wasn't the problem.

Last Saturday morning I spent three hours spraying Roundup and a broad leaf spray on weeds, and I spent another hour on Tuesday with the broad leaf spray. I wore rubber gloves to keep any spills from getting on my skin, but I could smell the spray, indicating I was breathing chemical fumes. However, I had a good run on Monday, and that implies the three hours I spent on Saturday didn't affect me.

On Saturday I got soaked from a rain storm, and that could weaken my immune system. Maybe that was the problem. I was home about half an hour before I changed out of my wet clothes. Again, the good run on Monday sorta negates my being soaked on Saturday.

Another factor was that my diet hasn't been great. Also, I was dehydrated on Wednesday.

Rest seems to have helped with the problem, what ever it was.

During the past 4 weeks (not counting this week) I ran 15, 10, 15, 10 miles, so maybe I was just tired and needed a rest week. I had planned to make the upcoming week a rest week, but the week just ending ended up being a rest week :)


  1. Anonymous8/07/2011

    I found that when I used to use Roundup, that I would get headaches and be lethargic for a day or so after (dependent upon how much/long I used it). It is a poison, so it might have some affect?????

    Glad you are back to it.


  2. Hi Harold,

    Yes, Roundup is a serious poison. I had no headache afterwards and had a good run two days later, so I've assumed that wasn't a problem. But, I could be wrong. I've been drinking extra water to try and flush my body out.

    I visited your site and enjoyed your post on trees. I lived in Massachusetts for 17 years and burned wood all that time. I've spent lots of hours splitting wood :) I've never run in Maine, but we've visited there and also have driven through it. I ran two marathons in Vermont. I really love New England. I really enjoyed running the back roads in MA and NH. The town I lived in was in central MA on the border with NH, so I did a lot of running in both states.