Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ended the week with another 7-mile run/walk

My wakeup heart rate was 57. I only had 6 hours of sleep last night, and I felt tired when I got up. However, I felt OK during the morning, and I started my long run about noon. I reached 7 miles after 2 hours and about 15 minutes. Rather than run the last 5 minutes to reach my time-goal of 140 minutes, I hopped in the car having met my distance goal for my long run. The shade temperature during the run/walk was in the low 70s (F). Considering the lack of  sleep I've had during the past few days, I did pretty good this morning. Last night I was reading a book about the Mormon pioneers who came to Utah in the Martin Handcart Company. My great grandfather, Francis Webster, was with that group. The book was so interesting that I kept reading and reading, and all of a sudden I realized it was 1 am, and I put the book down and went to bed.

I didn't carry any water with me this morning, because the temperature is cooler and I'm doing less sweating. I took a big drink of water at home before I left and another big drink at the East Pavilion before I started my run. I took a small drink at the playground in Draper (small stream coming out of the faucet), and I took another big drink when I finished my run.

There was a 10K this morning, and my run overlapped with the race runners for about half a mile. As they passed me, I told all of the runners, "You're looking good!" The race didn't start or end in the East Pavilion in South Jordan (where I parked), so I don't know what group sponsored the race.

The path under the bridge for 10600 South is still flooded (In the past, I've referred to the path under a bridge as a tunnel, because the one for 10000 South is an actual tunnel. The the other ones, though, are paths under the bridge at such and such a street.

This was another good week for running. I'm considering running a 5K next Saturday. The race is sponsored by my grandson's swimming team. If I do run the race, I'll take it easy during the week. I ran the race a year ago and completed in in 48 minutes. I'll be happy with anything faster than that.

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