Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ended the week with a medium run

I ran and walked for 100 minutes. I was out early (8 am) and enjoyed the cooler air and shade. It was a great day with shade temperature in the mid 80s (F). I forgot my GPS, so I just ran for a short time and then walked for an even shorter time. Because I run for time, I wasn't concerned about the distance. I was going faster today, because I reached the 5-mile mark and still had 10 minutes left to run. I forgot to mention that a couple of weeks ago, I changed my ratio of running and walking to be 1 minute 6 seconds running and 54 seconds walking.

There were two races in progress on the Parkway this morning. One race was a marathon relay, and the other was a 5K. It was fun to see all of the runners with their numbers. I commented to the runners, as they passed, that they were looking good. The runners were all shapes and sizes, and some were running and some were walking. Some looked like they were ready to throw in the towel, and others looked peppy and full of energy.

On the Draper City side of the river, south of 10600 South, there is a field that has a border of new trees. I was running past the field this morning when a man and a woman came out of the field. I asked them if they owned the field. They said "yes". I commented that the new trees looked nice and that new trees have been planted north of 10600 South, but those trees aren't doing very well. They commented that they've had problems with young buck deer rubbing their antlers on the new trees and damaging the trees.

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