Monday, September 12, 2011

I was tired but made it through my 60 minute rest run

I was tired when I got up and later during my run. I haven't been getting enough sleep during the past week (5 hours last night), and it finally caught up with me. The shade temperature was in the low 80s (F), beautiful clouds in the sky, and a nice head wind when going south of about 7-10 mph. I should have enjoyed the beautiful day, but I didn't -- too tired.

There is an old apple tree on the north-bound section of the Parkway path (north of 100th South). The tree has a lot of small apples on it. They aren't quite ripe, but they are OK for eating. I ate four of them during my run this morning. Two years ago, the tree had a lot of apples, and I enjoyed them for two or three weeks. Last year, there wern't any apples. This year, there are a lot. The tree is on the Parkway side of the fence, and technically speaking the apples belong to the city of South Jordan. However, the city doesn't prune the tree or harvest the apples, and I do the harvesting by eating the apples. I'll wait a week and then eat a few more to see if they are ripe.

The Jordan River is continuing to go down. I noticed during my Saturday run that the water is almost down enough that the supports to the new bridge at 114th South are not in the water. After two more weeks, the supports will probably be completely out of the water. The path under the tunnel at 123rd South is still under water, but the rocks going from the path up hill to the edge of the tunnel is free of water but is too rocky for enjoyable walking or running. In two or three weeks, the path should be free of water, and I'll be able to go south of the tunnel.

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