Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RA, Barefoot Running, and Running in Korea Podcast Interview

By Wendy Nail

Sorry that I haven't blogged over here in ages! I have been busy with marathon training for 2 marathons in October and trying to keep up with my family. Oct. 9th I will be running the Hi-Seoul Marathon as a training run following the Jeff Galloway method. Jeff says your wall is where your longest run was 2 weeks prior to your marathon so he takes people to 26.2 with a run walk, and only uses a 2 week taper. I plan to run this first marathon at a full minute per mile slower than my long run training pace, (so 11 minutes per mile) with walking breaks to keep me to that pace. My main marathon will then be on Oct. 23rd in Chuncheon, South Korea. It is a hilly race and my goal is to not hit The Wall and not hurt for days after so although I'm training for a 9 mpm pace, I will run to be comfortable, and not worry about my pace.

In the mean time, I was interviewed by Caity from Run Barefoot Girl. We had a great time talking and she did an even better editing job on our chat. We talked about running with rheumatoid arthritis and running in Korea in addition to barefoot running. I hope you will enjoy it!

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