Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finished the week with a 2-mile run

I ran two miles in the early afternoon. I usually would have gone for seven miles, but I was tired. My sleeping pattern has really been messed up this week. I've only gotten 4-6 hours sleep each night, and my energy level has gone way down. My wakeup heart rate was 58 this morning. My problem has been staying up too late and waking up at my normal time.

I ran the 3:0 and walked the 0:30 for about half a mile, and then I decided to go back to the intervals I was using before the race last week. I did add a few seconds to my running, though. I finished my run doing 1:20 running and 0:40 walking. That is a 10-second increase in running and a 10-second decrease in walking from the intervals I ran before the race.

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