Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Had a good 5-miler

The weather was sunny and warm (for November, that is) with temperatures in the low 50s (F). I ran 5.2 miles in my 100 minutes. I felt pretty good during the run. Still having problems with my sleep, though, due to staying up a bit too late at night. I'm doing better about my sleep than I was a few months ago, but I still need to improve more.

I've been running 80 seconds and walking 40 seconds. A couple of runs ago I added 10 seconds to my running and kept the walking the same. I'm doing fine with the additional running. 10 seconds doesn't seem like much, but that is a 12.5% increase. I'll keep the 90 seconds for two or three weeks and then go to 100 seconds running and 40 seconds walking.

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