Thursday, November 10, 2011

I think I'm old, but not really...

At age 76, I think of myself as an old man. However, here is a web page about people who are really old. The link was sent to me by Allen Young, author of the article.

I recently read about a man who is 100 and who recently completed a full marathon, using a combination of jogging and walking. So, at age 76, I have a way to go before I'm "old".


  1. Hey, come off it Allen, I'm 79 and don't think of myself as being an old man yet!

  2. Hi Runningfox,

    My wife and I were talking about this the other day. When I was in grade school, I thought that 35 was old. Then in high school, I thought that 50 was old. In college, old was in the 60s. After college the 70s were old. Now, I'm in the 70s, and old is in the 90s. Someday being old won't change, and I'll catch up with it and confess that I'm old. :)

  3. Amazing! My grandfather is about 80 yrs. old and up but he can still able to do some marathon's. He told me one time that he thinks he is weaker whenever he doesn't able to take a long walked or run every morning. Kudos to the oldies. :D