Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ran a great long run of 140 minutes

Thanks to my getting good sleep the past several nights, my wakeup heart rate was 53, and I felt fine during the morning. My daughter and her family came from Wyoming for Thanksgiving, and we played games this morning until my daughter and her husband went shopping. While they were gone, I went running and ran 7.25 miles during the 140 minutes. Clear air (the Wasatch Mountains looked as if they were just a mile away). Lots of sun. Temperature in the low 50s (F). No wind. It was a perfect day for running.

Because we played games this morning, I didn't eat breakfast. So, before I left for running I had a boiled egg, and a bunch of dry crackers. I could tell I should have had breakfast, because I ran out of energy during the 5th and 6th miles, but my strength came back in the 7th mile, and I finished the distance running strong.

I took two brief rest stops going out and two more coming back. It's amazing how much my body recovers with just a 1-2 minute rest. After each rest stop, I felt energized for about three repeats of my 1 minute 40 seconds running and 40 seconds walking.

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