Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ran a pleasant 5.2 miles in 100 minutes

My wakeup heart rate was 57. We had about 3 inches of light snow last night, so I waited until early afternoon to go running, thus giving the sun time to melt the snow on the Parkway path. When I went running the path was clear of snow and dry. There was, though, a cold north breeze of 5 mph blowing. I didn't notice the wind on my way out, because it was a tail-wind, but on the way back it was a head-wind and my face felt cold. The air temperature was in the high 30s. My body felt warm due to the 3 layers I wore, but my face, as I just said, felt cold.

I only passed one runner, but I did pass half-a-dozen or so walkers. No cyclists, which is unusual, because cyclists seem to always be on the path. There was about an inch of snow on the grass and bushes, and the snow gave a nice "winter" look to things. I always like the first few snow storms of the year, because the snow is beautiful to see, but come January I'm ready for Spring.

My three layers were about right for an old man who runs slow. I felt a bit cold during the first two miles, while my body warmed up, and I felt comfortable for the rest of the run -- except for my hands. I didn't wear gloves, and I kept my hands tucked in the sleeves of my nylon windbreaker. In deciding how many layers to wear, you can put more layers on such that you feel comfortable in the beginning but too warm later on, or you can put fewer layers on such that you feel a bit cold in the beginning and comfortable later on. This is an individual choice -- there is no right or wrong about it. I prefer wearing fewer layers.

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