Thursday, December 8, 2011

Had a Great Medium Run

I left home in the late afternoon to go running, and the temperature was 32 (F). The sun went behind the Oquirrh Mountains after I had gone a mile. And by the time I turned around and headed back, it was getting dark. I ran 5.75 miles in 101 minutes. I didn't check the temperature when I got home, but it was likely about 28.

I enjoy running at dusk, because the river is full of ducks bedding down for the night, and flocks of geese are flying low looking for a pond to spend the night. I don't know why, but the geese don't bed down on the river; they seem to like ponds and/or lakes. The lights of nearby houses and businesses glow in the darkness. Just before it gets dark, the Oquirrh Mountains glow as if there was a bright light behind them. I saw 6 quail running down the path in front of me. They were all about the same size and were probably born in the Spring.

For the past month, I've felt stronger and have run faster than in the past. I'm still running 100 seconds and walking 40 seconds. After I finished the run tonight, I set my timer for 110 seconds running and 40 seconds walking. It has been almost three years since the filter in my vein quit working and I had blood clots in my legs. I've slowly been getting stronger and have run longer before I walk, and the improvement during the past month has been wonderful. I'm feeling like a "real" runner instead of a "plodder". I was so slow it was common for walkers to pass me. Now, maybe I can keep up with the walkers :) Before the blood clot attack, I would run half a mile and take a 30 second walking break. My typical LSD pace was 10:30 - 11:00. Now, the pace during my running segment is about 14-16 minutes. Patience is a great virtue, and I'm slowly getting stronger.


  1. slhelgemo@gmail.com1/24/2012

    What is "LSD " . I am 72 and running 3-6 times a week fot over 35 years except 3 years cancer treatment 2 years ago. Impressed with site, would like to know more about the man.

  2. LSD is Long Slow Distance. Here is a link to the LSD page in my training site.