Monday, December 5, 2011

I saw my old friend, the heron

For the past several years, I've seen a heron in the Jordan River. Most of the time, it is standing still, but I did see it walking once or twice. I didn't see the heron this past summer, and I wondered if it was still alive. Well, I saw it today. It was standing still in the general area that I've seen it in the past. It's feet were in the water. The air temperature was about 26 (F), and a 3-5 mph wind was blowing. I don't know how it kept warm. It did have its back facing the wind, and I guess that helped a bit.


  1. Kip Condor12/05/2011

    For some reason I find this post very touching. I hope it was the same heron and not some impostor.

  2. Yes, I hope so too. I don't know the life-cycle of herons, so I don't know the probability of it being the same bird. In my mind it is the same bird.

  3. Get to like your blog. Reading it makes me feel that you seem to be connected to the one you are referring in your blogs. Keep it up! I wish that the heron is still the same the first time you see it.