Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jordon River in Utah Down to Winter Level

When I ran on Monday, the Jordan River was still at its summer high, and the tunnel under 106th South was still flooded. But when I ran today, the river was down to its winter level, and the tunnel was clear of water and the moss and algae that had collected had been removed. The water level in the river is controlled by a gate in the north end of the Utah Lake and by pumps. The water level has been high for about 9 months, implying the gate keepers were trying to remove a lot of water from the lake. Apparently, the level of the lake is now below flood stage, and the gate was mostly closed, causing the level in the river to go down. It will be interesting to see if the gate will be opened in February as it was last Spring, or in May as it has been historically.

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