Monday, January 9, 2012

No running this week

This morning I had surgery for a basal cell skin cancer on my lip. The cancer didn't go below the skin and get into the muscle, but it was wide and covered some of my cheek. The doctor said not to run this week but that I can walk slow such that my pulse rate doesn't go up much. He is worried about the stitches breaking through the skin, allowing bleeding to occur. My blood pressure before the surgery was 117/68 and after 168/92. Tonight my blood pressure was 132/73. If I do any walking this week, I'll report that in this blog. I feel pretty good, and I'm heading to bed.


  1. «bon courage»
    Looking forward to hear from you again.


  2. Sorry to hear about the need for surgery Alan, but you're a fit man so you'll soon be back running again, I'm sure.
    It's what we do!

  3. Thanks, Runningfox! I had my first surgery for skin cancer in 1976, and I've quite a few surgeries since then. My skin cancers have all be Basal Cells, the least dangerous skin cancers. They grow deeper and wider, but they don't move. Melanoma skin cancers are the most dangerous. If mine had been Melanoma, I would be dead.

    This week is for light walking. Next week I'll resume my running.

  4. Yesterday, the doctor asked me where I got my sun. He was trying to figure out why I've had so many skin cancers. We discussed various aspects of my life, eg. not wearing a hat or using sun cream when I was younger. When I told him I was a runner, as asked if I did a lot of day-time running. I said yes. He said, "That's it."

    Most of my running career was with no hat. I've been wearing a wide-brimmed hat for several years, now.