Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ran 2 miles

I went out in late afternoon and ran 2 miles. I had a hard time breathing due to eating brunch about an hour or so before I ran. I do better when I run in the mornings before I eat breakfast or in the late afternoon with an earlier lunch. Our bodies need extra oxygen after we've eaten, and they also need extra oxygen when we run. Younger folks can likely provide enough oxygen for both activities, but we older runners need to space the two activities out such that we have enough oxygen for both activities.

The water in the Jordan River is higher than it has been. The same thing happened last year. Usually water is released from Utah Lake in April or May. Last year it was in February, and this year it was in January. This is a good sign, though. It means that Utah Lake has normal or above amounts of water, and that may imply that the reservoirs in the mountains have normal or above amounts of water.

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