Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ran 2 miles today

I ran 2 miles (35 minutes) in the late afternoon. I had planned on running 3 miles, but I was getting tired and I reduced the distance. I only had 5 hours sleep last night, and I hadn't had much to eat by the time I went running. So, everything bunched together meant I was tired, and being tired meant I ran a shorter distance. Concerning the lack of sleep last night, I went to bed at my usual time, but I woke up early and didn't go back to sleep. I did take a half hour nap before I ran.

Today was a warm day for February (56F), but the sky became cloudy as the day progressed, and we're supposed to have some rain tonight. There was a light wind blowing that felt cold, but after I warmed up I felt fine. I saw a whitish duck with black lines going through its body that I hadn't seen before. For several years I saw a duck that was completely white and was larger than a Mallard, but I haven't seen that duck for a year or so. Maybe the whitish duck I saw today is a child or grandchild of that duck.... I saw lots of American Coots with their black body and white bill.

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