Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ran 60 minutes but was tired at the end

When I left home, I hoped to run for 100 minutes, but I could tell I was getting tired and ran reduced my run to 60 minutes (3.06 miles). That was less than I wanted but more than I've been doing, so it's OK. I took a couple of rest stops on the way back.

My wakeup heart rate has been 56-57 for several days, and I'm getting a good 7 hours sleep every night (last Saturday was an exception, as I stated in a previous post)j. As long as I get sufficient sleep and don't push too hard, my wakeup HR will slowly come down to the 50-53 range.

Today was a cloudy and cold day with temperatures in the low-mid 40s. The clouds looked like it was storming in the mountains and also in the north end of the valley, but it didn't rain where I was in the south end of the valley. Our snow pack in the mountains is about 70% of normal, so we need as much snow up there as we can get. Even with less snow, the skiers are having a great time at the ski resorts that are east of the Salt Lake valley.

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