Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ran another 2 miles

Today was a busy day, but I managed to squeeze in 2 miles, using the same route that I used on Tuesday. Also, I didn't run until late afternoon. I missed breakfast and lunch and only had a few handfuls of Cheeros and two energy bars before I ran. I had sufficient energy for two miles, and I was actually glad that my schedule didn't allow for a longer run, because I'm not sure how much energy I would have had for a longer run. Also, the temperature was in the mid to high 30s (F), but there was a 15-20 mph wind blowing, and my body had a hard time providing energy for both my running/walking and keeping me warm. Even though I ate the food just before I went running, I didn't have trouble breathing like I did on

The Jordan River was higher than it was on Tuesday.

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