Monday, February 27, 2012

Ran a rest run of 30 minutes

I ran a nice rest run today. I was out in the early afternoon, and the air temperature was in the mid 50s (F). The dry, warmer weather that we've been having is continuing. I also increased the time of my running segment by 20 seconds (now 3 minutes 20 seconds) and kept the walking segment the same time (1 minute). I enjoyed the run and enjoyed seeing the birds in the trees and ducks and geese and coots in the river.

Now that I'm back for the rest of the day, I will massage my legs to see if I can squeeze some of the water out of my legs. I massaged them several times during the night and the left leg was noticeably smaller when I finished. The swelling had returned, though, during the morning before I went running. My weight, when I first woke up, was down about two pounds. My wakeup heart rate was way down to 52. I consider 50-52 my normal range, so the extra sleep I'm getting by going to bed earlier is paying off.

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