Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ran a medium run of 50 minutes

We had about three inches of snow last night, and more is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I didn't go out running until dusk, so I went to the South Jordan Recreational Center and ran/walked for 50 minutes around the indoor track. My GPS didn't work inside the building so I don't know how far I ran (probably about 2 1/2 miles). I felt fine for the first half hour but got tired during the last 20 minutes. My wife and I have a free membership in the rec center and several gyms in the nearby area as part of our medical plan.

There were a lot of people in the rec center. As I did loops around the track, quite a few high school age kids went flying past me like I was standing still. They are probably part of the cross country team at Bingham High. I was much slower than them, but I'm old enough to be their grandfather and I did OK. After they finished running, they worked out on the weight machines, and I continued to plod along. However, when I left an hour later, the rec center had about 1/3 the number of the people who were there when I arrived.

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