Monday, March 5, 2012

Today was THE day to go running

My wakeup heart rate was 48, and I felt rested and strong. I invited my wife to go walking along the Jordan River Parkway, and I ran 3 minutes 20 seconds and walked 1 minute. My wife is a fast walker, and she walked as fast as I ran/walked. When I run/walk, I walk slow, because I'm walking to rest from the running. In 30 minutes I did 1.62 miles, and I then walked 0.4 miles to get back to my car. The temperature was 52 (F) when we left home and warmer when we finished running. The sky was clear, the smog was gone, and the snow-covered Wasatch mountains contrasted with the blue sky. We left home a few minutes after 10 and returned a few minutes before 11.

My cold is almost gone. There is just a trace of thick mucus in my nose.

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