Monday, April 2, 2012

A nice 30 minute run/walk

The air temperature was in the mid 50s (F) when I left to go running, but a cold north wind with gusts 15-20 mph was blowing and it was cold. I left the house with the intent to not wear my wind breaker, but I quickly decided I need it, and I returned to the house and got the jacket.  I felt a lot more energetic today than I was on Saturday, but I'm not completely recovered from pruning trees on Friday. I felt great during most of the distance, but I started getting tired during the last half mile. I went 1.6 miles in the 30 minutes.

The Jordan River is still lower than it has been during the early Spring. I saw sand bars in the river that were under water during February.


  1. I miss brisk walking for 30 mins to 1 hr. straight.


  2. Hi Raquel,

    I recently read a scientific article that brought the importance of moving. Walk around the house or office. Stand up during meetings and walk back and forth in the rear of the room. If you do have to sit for long periods, move your feet around. Do isometrics by pressing your foot against the floor. These aren't brisk walking and thus don't help ones aerobic performance, but they do help keep your blood circulating. The article said our lymph system has no pump (heart) and needs movement of our legs to keep the blood/water moving in the lymph system.