Saturday, May 12, 2012

A great run/walk for 1 hour 20 minutes

I ran 4.2 miles during my 80 minutes. It was a great Spring day, although the direct sun was hot. I felt fine on the way out but hot on the way back. There was no wind, and quite a few people were out enjoying the day. I didn't take any rest breaks on the way out, but I took two on the way back. The first break was for about 5 minutes, and I really needed that break. I was feeling the heat, and I started to lose physical control of my balance. After the break I felt fine from there back to my car (about 1.33 miles). I drank water at home and again at the East Pavilion before I started running, but I could have used water on the way back. I guess I'll have to get my fuel belt out and carry water. My wakeup heart rate was 55, still high but lower than it was earlier in the week.

If I feel fine on Monday, I'll add 5 minutes to each of my workouts, giving me 45 minutes for Monday/Tuesday and 1 hour and 25 minutes for each of the other two runs. My total distance this week was 10 miles in 3 hours 20 minutes.

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